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I am Ana, a self-taught artist from Croatia. This is my story...

Growing up, I was one of those kids who were told to forget drawing as it was a waste of time. Still, on and off, I would goof around with some paper and tools to make a mark. While studying, I realized that making marks on paper relaxed me, and helped me with stress, so I finally convinced myself to draw without thinking how everything will turn out. I was studying Math, and got a degree in Computer Science :)
After that, I started working, and art disappeared again. Fast forward 10 years, and you can find me working from home, and still feeling unhappy. So I went back to art.

I started slowly and shyly, doing doodles. I even posted them on Twitter, and got a lot of encouragement. That resulted in me organizing Doodle-le-do Croatia workshops. Apart from those, I also organized two Zentangle workshops. All were held in a cafe called 'Raspjevanje kokoši', for which I made a birthday illustration that now sits proudly on their wall.
Then I got interested in sketchnoting. From sketchnoting TED-talks to making visual book reviews, I also began sketchnoting at conferences. The highlight for me was receiving a prize at a conference - it meant that even though I was still a beginner, people seemed to like my approach and results. Lastly, I participated as a spectator at "Kolokvij kritičara". For that I made a summary of their discussions, that was published on Kulturpunkt site.

Now, I'm exploring illustration because I just adore it.

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